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Kasur 7 Zone Full Latex SOPRANO 90X200
Using the latest Latex processing technology from Europe, 7separate zones of varying firmness are cr..
Kasur Orthopedic Full Latex 888 LATEX 90X200
Airland 888 latex uses all natural Latex foam, offering perfect alignment for your back, shoulders a..
Kasur Orthopedic Spring 505 90X200
As our best seller product, 505 represent the true essence of Airland's Quality. With its lumbopaedi..
Kasur Orthopedic Spring Latex+Foam COMPOSER 90X200
The Composer features minimum-motion-transfer system that is made to ensure undisturbed sleep. It us..
Kasur Orthopedic Spring+Foam CHIROPEDIC 1 90X200
Chiropedic 1 is designed in conjunction with orthopedic surgeons to create a mattress that is good f..
Kasur Orthopedic Spring+Foam CHIROPEDIC 2 90X200
The Chiropedic 2 is engineered to support your back and maintain correct spinal alignment during sle..
Kasur Orthopedic Spring+Foam CHIROPEDIC PLATINUM 90X200
It combines the extra firmness of the Chiropedic "Spine Guard" system with the luxurious feel of the..
Kasur Orthopedic Spring+Foam CHIROPEDIC QI 90X200
The Chiropedic Qi is enriched with the exquisite fabric made of Natural Bamboo Fiber. Engineered to ..
Kasur Spring Latex+Foam 808 STANDARD 90X200
It is constructed with the highest quality materials for structural strength and durability - a comb..
Kasur Spring Latex+Foam ALLEGRO 90X200
With the strength of 3-Zones Pocketed Spring, and the comfort and support of Natural Latex combined ..
Kasur Spring Latex+Foam ORCHESTRA VIE 90X200
Featuring a soft, comfortable plush top, Dacron-filled quilted cover plus multiple layers of natural..
Kasur Spring Latex+Pillow Top ALLEGRO AIR 90X 200
The Allegro Air is a hybrid product, created by our Sleep Experts. With its breathable and moist con..
Kasur Spring NEW ECO 90X 200
The New-Eco is built with quality and durability in mind, bringing you all the support and comfort t..
Kasur Spring Plush Top 101 90X 200
Airland mattres 101 gives you quality, comfort and durability. Made with the same technology that ha..
Kasur Spring+Pillow Top 505 ESSENTIALS 90X 200
VThe 505 Essentials features a unique cooling and durable cover, made with Aloe Vera fabric. It is d..
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